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Sulis Sports is the home of the POSTIE; Unique and innovative sportswear designed specifically for post intense exercise, ensuring you are warm and dry, whatever the weather.  The top of the range POSTIE elements is 100% waterproof and through the integral heat pads, will also keep you warm.

In addition to the POSTIE we stock a range of waterproof accessories as well as a great range of nutritional products.


Toastie in a POSTIE

Here is our pre-production sample of POSTIE Elements.

Your chance to own one of the first few in the UK!


waterproof glove

100% Waterproof!
Market leading, technically advanced, reliable and proven 'Element Repellent' range of socks, hats and gloves.


Nutritional products

Refuelling and rehydrating after exercise is really important. A mix of carbohydrates to replenish your depleted glycogen stores and essential protein to rebuild your fatigued muscles.
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